Forbidden Cocktails Passion Fruit Martini - Ready to Drink - 50cl Bottle

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Forbidden Cocktails Passionfruit Martini - Ready to Drink - 50cl Bottle

Forbidden Cocktails - Our Story

There is a place far from our world that lies within an empire of the unknown, a place of great mystery, magic and enchantment. There lies a great goddess, a goddess of empowerment, strength and beauty - we welcome you to enter the world of the Forbidden and to step into a kingdom of wisdom and to uncover the enchanting tales of Vesper Star, keeper of the golden elixir and bearer of Forbidden Cocktails.

Forbidden Cocktails is a story of ingenuity and artistry, inspired by Brian Smith, Founder of the Blind Pig, Jersey Channel Islands and brought to life by the talented team of bartenders and shareholder of Sippin Gin distiller; Michelin star trained chef Dany Lancaster.

Their vision; to take you on a mythical journey and to uncover the wonders of the Forbidden kingdom.


Douglas Ankrah the man behind the original Pornstar Martini. His creation found its way into nearly every bar known to the Cocktail lover over night, and still stands the test of time after 20 years, or even try working any cocktail bar for one night without being asked to make a Pornstar Martini, almost impossible! It’s the cheeky knock back of bubbles that's the bonus.

We have put a twist on the contemporary classic by adding a touch of pineapple to round off the sharpness and create more of creamy topping. Once you pop the cork on this one you can’t stop.

A twist on the Pornstar Martini, just a little less Risqué! Don’t forget the bubbles

Vodka, Passionfruit purée, citrus purée, Pineapple juice, vanilla syrup

Plenty of sharpness from both Passionfruit and citrus purée, while the vanilla sugar syrup calms that edge down, the balance of pineapple to round off the grit and disguising the booze.


  • Pack of 1 x 50cl Bottle
  • ABV: 13%
  • Other flavours available

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