Numatic Filter-Flo Henry Hoover Compatible Vacuum bags - 10 bags

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Numatic Filter-Flo Henry Hoover Compatible Vacuum bags - 10 bags - Pack of 1

Has your Numatic lost it's suction? Maintain your vacuum's performance with the Filter-Flo dust bags designed for optimal cleanliness and convenience.

The Filter-Flo 5 layer filtration dust bags have up to 50% longer usage life since the dust is absorbed into the fibres without blocking the pores, thus avoiding reduction in suction power. The Filter-Flo dust bags filters the air 40% more efficiently than a normal paper bag and helps you get rid of airborne particles such as, for example allergens and some bacteria. Ideal for the people with allergies.

  • Suitable for Henry, Henry Micro, Henry Turbo, Henry extra, Hetty, Basil & James Hoover models
  • Type: NVM-1CH
  • Pack of 10
  • Plastic Collar


  • Pack of 1 x bag of 10 bags